Creative Ways to Give Your Sponsors Recognition On Your Website

by | Feb 14, 2023 | Events, Nonprofit, Website

As you identify sponsors for your events, do you struggle with additional ways to give them recognition? Typically its only their logo on the sponsor page that is there for a period of time.

Here are some additional ways you can feature your sponsors on your website!

Update you header image

Featuring your event in your header image can help with visibility of your event. Create a level of sponsorship that includes their logo on that banner image. This allows you to create an added benefit with limited sponsors that can participate.

Allow Sponsors to Write a Blog Post

This content can include why they find your cause important and why the participate. It can also include information about their giving programs in general or any other information they find pertinent.
For fun, if they’ve attended the event before, you can include photos and testimonials from team members that have attended.

This blog post can be utilized in social posts and email campaigns. Take it one step further and create social graphics and sample copy for that sponsor that they can easily share to their own network!

Create a Sponsors Page

Use this page to highlight your best donors. They can be featured here, regardless of when the event is. Use this as an optional add on upgrade to their event sponsorship or build it into certain levels.
This page can include a bigger blurb on the business and how they have supported you.

Add Sponsors to Your Footer

This can be something you adjust temporarily. Create a sponsor bar just above your footer thanking your most recent sponsors. This can be based off of you most current events OR it could be based off of the most recent sponsors added.

Create a Pop Up

This can be something that pops up on the event page, or maybe even slides in on the corner. This is a great way to highlight key donors and give them some extra visibility. Make sure you add value in that pop up so it’s not too obnoxious. This could include an event announcement or event details.

Do a Video Interview

Chat with the sponsor about why they chose to support this event and your organization. Ask them what their feelings are towards the cause and what the company enjoys about the work you do. Then post this on the event page as an additional way to share about the event and showcase key sponsors. Pro tip: cut that video up into 30 and 60 second clips to repurpose on social media.


In all of these options keep it limited, that only helps you increase the money you raise without having to make updates all the time. Make sure you have specific value for each one and add it all in the sponsorship deck you create.